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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Mattress Mack

Good morning Lindsey! I’m always so happy to hear from Gallery Furniture customers and we appreciate your business! On the other hand, I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to enjoy your Mack-O-Pedic as much as your other recent purchases.

New mattresses can take awhile to produce maximum sleep results as it has to develop unique muscle memory to provide individualized comfort for each sleeper. Our Gallery Furniture Sleep Experts recommend spending more time than usual on the mattress to speed up the process—walk on it, roll on it, and spend extra time laying down to help it adjust to your body weight. We also want you to enjoy a $50 gift card for each one of your purchases, just simply visit the link below for instructions on reviewing your furniture and mattress. Let us know if your sleep improves soon Lindsey, we are all happy to help! Take care and God bless!



Recently bought a new bedroom set living, kids room and new mac o pedic mattress and love everything but the mattress i am very disappointed at I'm still having if not worse back pain and not sleeping well at all why?? I thought the memory foam was top of the line mattress and would get such great sleep. Concerned consumer please help.

Mattress Mack

Hello Matt! Thank you so much for your business and support! I truly appreciate you reaching out and I’m glad to hear that you love your mattress! Memory foam can cause a spike in temperature for some sleepers. However, our Gallery Furniture Sleep Experts recommend our very own 5.0 or 5.2 mattress protector to help keep you cooler at night. You can also try “classically making up your bed,” in which you’d put your mattress protector on first, then place 2 fitted sheets over it. This technique has been shown to cool mattresses 5 or 6 degrees as you enjoy your snooze.

I’d also like to invite you to review your Mack-O-Pedic and all of your purchases you made over the weekend. We’d be happy to give you $50 gift card for each one! Thank you again for your loyalty and stopping by! Hope to see you again soon! Have a blessed rest of your week!



I purchased a Mack-o-pedic mattress and box spring, along with a king bed, two night stands and a dresser/mirror on Saturday, 2/28. After sleeping two nights on the new mattress, I find that it causes me to sweat and is hot compared to my old traditional mattress (I do not use a mattress pad at all). Is there something different about the materials of construction in the Mack-o-pedic mattress? Any suggestions that you can provide to help me sleep cooler would be greatly appreciated! Other than this issue, I love the new mattress.

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