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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Warren Patrick McLemore

Gallery Furniture has changed so much over the years...and yet it has remained the same. Let me explain.
My first experience was needing a bed for my very first home in 1989. I was fresh out of the Army and my home was barely furnished with hand-me-downs. I had a couch with a hideaway bed, a coffee table, a 13" television and nothing else. So with those hilarious and original "Save You Money" commercials in mind, I set off for Tidwell/Parker for an affordable bedroom suit. The parking lot was rough and the show room was cramped back then; but it took about two minutes for someone to introduce themselves and offer their help for a young guy with not alot of money to spend. I remember how excited I was with my purchase and how helpful my salesman was that day. It is a good memory.
Now, with having practically grown up on your commercials (so glad the top of your head stays in frame now :)) and relying on Gallery to furnish many pieces in several homes over the last 25 years, I still get the same happy feeling upon entering your store as I did back in '89. It sounds corny, but it is a familial feeling and a fun experience shopping at Gallery with my family. Your showroom has certainly improved, as has the amazing selection of furniture. Yes, I have grown up with Gallery Furniture! Through hard work my means have allowed me to spend a little more than I could on my first couch - the same is true for you and Gallery Furniture. I'm consistently amazed at the selection, product quality and variety you offer to your customers. I'm impressed with something every time we come by either location.
Your sales staff (I think of them as your team) is such a reflection of you and the business model you have created. Polite and knowledgeable yet never pushy or hurried. I explain what I'm looking for and they lead me right to it. It is never the hard-sell, though with your selection we always spend more than what we intended to spend :). And I cannot brag enough on your delivery teams! Courteous, careful and punctual!
Your selection, price, sales and delivery associates are very important reasons why I do my furniture shopping at Gallery, but that is not the whole story.
YOU are the most important reason I do business with Gallery Furniture. Your great commercials, philanthropy, and hard work keeps bringing me back. You love this city and more importantly (and never equaled by anyone in the furniture business) YOUR city loves you! You are an incredible example of the American Dream! Your hard work, involvement and loyalty to your community have earned this towns respect sir. I think of you as a friend to me and to Houston; and your impact upon this city is immeasurable. You are a Houston treasure - so that is Starkville's loss! Thanks for who you are, what you do, and the countless lives you have inspired to succeed. My continued prayers for you and your family - and the great Gallery Furniture!

p.s. My solid Mango wood server and dining table/leather chairs look amazing. I will post pictures. Thank you again!

Mattress Mack

Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle! Thank you for choosing us to help you furnish your home. Nothing beats a great mattress! Our sleep experts truly are interested in making sure that you are getting the right mattress that will match your personal needs. Same day delivery is unique vision I had for Gallery Furniture over 30 years ago and I am so delighted to hear your family enjoyed it! We will continue to always bring you great products at a great price, while NEVER forgetting customer service.

I would like to encourage you to participate in our Reviews for Rewards promotion. Write a review on our site for each product you purchased at GF and we will give a $50 GF gift certificate for each one! Find more information by visiting here, http://www.galleryfurniture.com/product-review-giveaway

Also, with your permission, we would like to share your wonderful comment on our other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Please let me know if that is ok.

Thank you again for your continued support. We can't wait to see you next time! Happy New Year!

William & Patricia Tuttle

Dear Mack, just wanted to drop you a line a tell you what a pleasure it was to shop at your store. My wife and I have been needing to purchase a set of Mattresses for several year, but have been putting it off. We finally made up our minds it was time. We made out our list of stores we wanted to check, and away we went. So sorry now that you were not on the top of our list.

A young lady met us at the door, asked how she could help, we told her we were looking for Mattresses. She took us to the Mattress Section, introduced us to Billy Sotiropoulos. We explained what we were looking for, and he patiently showed us several selections. Again, and again, and again. Very patient, very understanding, very helpful. We decided on which ones we wanted. He worked with us on the price, and delivery time. The deal was done.

The story continues. When the bed was delivered, the crew was very professional, and on time. Set up the bed and hauled off our old mattresses. The frame we purchased came with 4" legs, which made the bed set a little lower than we were use to. I thought I would give Billy a call and see if we could get longer legs. He said he thought so, but needed to check. In about 30 minutes, he called us back, and said he would have them delivered the next day. Could this get any better.

We are so happy with our purchase, and our bed is great.

Thank you again to you and your Team.

William and Patricia Tuttle

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