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Monday, September 21, 2009


Nonie Stewart

The two toucans in the Galleria area Gallery store are inadequately housed. The cage is too small and there is no provision for a bath and misting is helpful but insufficient for this breed. The day I was present I observed birds who were so bored, their only entertainment was to pull out a feather and play with it. This is dangerous behavior which is often the first sign of self abuse and should be taken as a warning sign of inadequate cage size and lack of entertaining distractions.
Please consult appropriate references for proper cage size and stimulative environment for this breed. I am sure that your business is best served when your animals are obviously well cared for. Persons who publicly display wild animals have a have a special duty to be an example of best practices.
I would also assume you would prefer to resolve this issue than to deal with unhappy local organizations and authorities.
To quote one expert, "They need constant mental and physical stimulation, in the form of destructible toys, perches of different sizes and textures, activity foods, varied routines, and so forth. If the bird’s environmental needs are not met, boredom or stress can lead to feather picking and mutilation. Also, if the cage size for the bird is inadequate (i.e. too small), feathers can be damaged and this as well can result in forming a habit of feather picking."
It is my hope that the next time we visit your otherwise amazing store, the issue will be resolved.
Love and blessings and enlightment.
Nonie Stewart, Texas City

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Arif Shaik

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Linda Shamis

I was shocked and disgusted to see the 2 McCaws in your store in a tiny cage exhibiting extreme distress, exhibited by the constant wing flapping and constant walking back and forth in their cage. This is obviously a marketing ploy disguised as a love of animals. Needless to say, my opinion of Gallery Furniture and "Mattress Mac" have changed completely. I will NEVER shop in your store and will urge every person that will listen to do the same. How disgusting that people will do anything for a buck, even animal abuse!!!


One of the guys who handled the monkey called the baby monkey a little shit. i then saw how he was treating the monkeys and felt very sad. at first i thought it was cool they had the monkeys there so i took a picture with them after mattress Mac said i could but the monkey ran away from us and the guy walked after him and the monkey stopped and gave a look of complete fear. they put the monkeys back in and the, i guess mother, to the 3 month old monkey just held her baby. :( while i did enjoy the monkeys in the end i was very disappointed in how the guy treated the monkey.

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