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Friday, November 09, 2007



I had a dream to make my business, nevertheless I didn't have enough amount of money to do that. Thank God my colleague suggested to utilize the personal loans. Thus I took the student loan and realized my old dream.

Sharon Bernard

Mattress Mack,
I am a single mom of two wonderful kids. I need help for Christmas. I live in a old house that I do not have the money to fix up. I have no heat in my house.We use plug in heaters for heat. I am emailing you for any help that I can receive. I know that you are a good person that helps low income family in need. I do work 40 hrs a week and my income is all we have. Can you please help us have a great Christmas. Also we live in Baytown
Thanks Sharon

bridgette Mongeon

I am glad that you have received one of the awards. I was the creator of the awards and they seem to continually bless so many people just as those who have received them have blessed others. If you have a picture of you’re an your award I would love to have one for my blog, and if ever you are looking for a sculptor to capture a memory or a loved one, please keep me in mind.

Blessings to you.

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